Strategic consultancy in the field of EU funds absorption

We have a long-standing commitment to providing services in the area of EU funds absorption for the development of the projects we provide for our clients. Our services in this area include in particular:

  • Development of methodology and process management of all the necessary steps for the successful drawdown of the individual appropriate Operational Programmes for applicants.
  • Development of risk management within the defined methodology, process management and timetable for the submission of applications for funding (NFP) from each relevant Operational Programme.
  • Ensuring an action plan within the framework of process management and a binding financial opinion for the co-financing of individual projects selected on the basis of the principle of eligibility of the applicant and economic advantage for the applicant.
  • Preparation of economic and financial analysis of the return on funds drawn from the NSRF 2014+ and co-financed by the applicant.
  • Processing of thematic headings for the use of NDFs under the selected Operational Programmes and provision of supporting materials and pre-project documentation.
  • Preparation of binding project documentation relevant to the individual selected Operational Programmes and provision of all necessary administrative documents and supporting documents.
  • Submitting project applications for the selected Operational Programmes and preparing project documentation within the relevant selected thematic areas.

Consultancy in the areas of OP and NSRF 2014+

The services we provide in the OP and NSRF areas for 2014+ are as follows:

  •  Integrated Operational Programme - IOP;
  •  Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation - OPEI;
  •  Operational Programme Environment OP Environment; OP Environment;
  •  Operational Programme Education for Competitiveness - OP VK;
  •  Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation - OP VaVpl;
  •  Operational Programme Human Resources Employment - OP LZZ;
  •  Regional Operational Programmes - ROP;
  •  Operational Programme Prague Competitiveness - OPPK;
  •  Operational Programme Prague Adaptability - OPPA;
  •  Technical assistance - Operational Programme Transport;
  •  Characteristics of the OPTP;
  •  Methodological framework of TP OPPI, TP OPPK, TP OPD;
  •  Utilisation of TP OPPI of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic for drawing on strategic projects of ČD Cargo, a.s.;
  •  Utilisation of funds from new unpublished priority axes and from reallocated programmes for co-financing strategic projects of ČD Cargo, a.s;

Consultancy in the field of project applications for EU funds and applications for EU funds

We provide our clients with a complete implementation of the application for EU funds.

  • working out our own project applications
  • processing of all required and mandated annexes
  • working out studies for OPs where this is mandatory
  • processing of Sensitivity Analysis, for OPs where mandatory
  • ensuring all necessary official permits (building permits, EIA, Certification, etc.)
  • processing of custom digital applications/templates (Tesco, Benefil, Benefit, etc.) when applying for subsidies or NFA (non-refundable financial contribution)
  • monitoring, initial, implementation and final monitoring reports and other mandated documentation, after the grant has been awarded to the applicant